So while the world was celebrating the new year 2022 Microsoft Exchange Servers were struggling after the “Microsoft Filtering Management Service” was stopped.

  • This issue led to mail flow issues and seemed to stem from a series of errors from the FIP-FS (anti-malware) service stating that “Cannot convert ‘220101001’ to…

Completing Azure Certification

So Completing the first Cloud Certification in Azure , to know more about exam watch first 15 min of this Video

How to Prepare

Firstly, seeing the term exam has still got its weight coming out of college but the exam was quite easier, here is how I would recommend someone beginner to…

Solving the error docker command not found while running docker command inside jenkins

  • Install the Jenkins via Homebrew
  • Install Docker from the Docker website
  1. Once the Jenkins is setup download and install the docker plugin in Jenkins
  2. Open Finder and search for the folder “ cellar”
  3. Find the folder jenkins-lts
  4. Open the file named “homebrew.mxcl.jenkins-lts.plist”
  5. Make the following changes

6. Restart the Jenkins Service

brew services restart jenkins-lts

Reference :

Harshit Yadav

Software Developer |

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